Saturday, August 20, 2011

Virgin Atlantic Warns Passengers of Weepy Movies Which Includes Dan Simonis' Music Video

Premium trans-Atlantic airline Virgin Atlantichas announced its intention to add "emotional health warning signs" to the start of in flight movies that could make their viewers cry. Of the top 5 most likely to cause such emotional outbursts is Dan Simonis' music video "Heart on Fire".

The warning announcement will occur before the film starts, so you won’t have the tension and suspense of your movie ruined at the "moment critique". The warning will let passengers know that they could be in for a weepy moment or two and that they should have tissues at the ready and can call the help button if they should need a shoulder to cry on.

Virgin Atlantic, personified by its somewhat eccentric owner Sir Richard Branson, understands why people would be emotionally moved by Dan's music. "He really knows how to tap into the deepest pools of emotion, and Britons have always kept their hearts tied to folk and country music, and Dan can play them like a violin."

Dan Simonis is cautiously flattered by the phenomena stating, "I play the same songs for my wife and she just sits there doing her nails. But I guess she is past that emotional phase after hearing me play them over and over so many times. I think..."

The airline announced from the findings of a passenger survey that it conducted that 55 per cent of respondents said that their emotions were heightened during flights. The survey claimed that men who want to disguise their weepy eyes mid-flight will hide under blankets, whereas women will often pretend that there is something caught in their eye. 
Dan appreciates Virgin playing his video, but will submit some others that are more happier such as "Big Back Seat" and "Arizona".